The most well traveled and Charismatic man to ever live in the multiverse.


Legends differ on the descriptions of Hoebagger, sometimes wildly (with one particular saga describing him as a cat man fighting with a bow in a world without a sun). Given the different tales, it might be impossible to truly know his appearance, this is not aided by the fact that he greatly enjoys disguising himself to confuse people.


The original Hoebagger, now aged well beyond his adventuring years, is an enigma and force of personality that is impossible to ignore on the multiverse. His travels and adventures have taken him far across the planes in order to accomplish his goals and his deeds have become legend. He may be found now enjoying the rest of his years relaxing and giving sage advice to anyone fortunate enough to encounter him. Some say that this is all just a cover for an even greater mission, but one would have to find him and beg the question to the legend himself.


Sigilscape Hoebagger