The Bleak Cabal

The Bleak Cabal/Madmen

“There’s no meaning to it all,” say the members of this faction, “so just give it up, poor sod. Whoever said reality had to make sense?” To these folks, the multiverse ain’t even a cruel joke, because that would give it all meaning. Look at all those fools in their factions, running around, trying to discover the meaning of something that’s senseless. They’ll waste their lives at it. And they call the Bleak Cabal mad – hah!

There is no answer, don’t waste your time, there’s no point to it. Why do they call us mad? It’s insanity to spend your whole life searching for something that isn’t there. Here’s the Bleaker credo: “The multiverse doesn’t make sense, and it ain’t supposed to.” That’s all there is to it, pure and simple. It ain’t “The multiverse is without meaning,” because that answer’s a meaning in itself. Face it berk, there isn’t anything out there, you’re going to have to make meaning.

For someone to join the Cabal, he or she (or it) has got to do three things: quit looking for meanings, accept what happens, and look inward. There’s no meaning on the outside, so the question is, “Is there any meaning inside?” You’d better hope you can be introspective, because if you’ve an empty personality you’re no better than a Dustmen.

For a reason known only to them, they are some of the most charitable people in the cage. They absolutely adore making other people’s lives better, it’s all pure pity. Does this mean the path to enlightenment is through helping other berks through theirs? Maybe not, enough to drive you mad…
I should give you the dark about the Grim Retreat though, it’s a bit of a biter. A little too much introspection will leave you cut off from the world. The Philosopher Hoebagger had brilliant insight into what he calls “Schizophrenia.” It would seem that once your mind hits a certain peak, it goes into a different plane of existence. Supposedly, once your mind is free from its current bounds, it is able to take for “elsewhere.” He never really explained where “elsewhere” was, but he laughs a lot when questioned about it…a bit mad.

Their headquarters can be found in the Hive at the Gatehouse. They handle the orphanage, soup kitchen, and also the Sanitarium. There’s no point to life, why not take care of everyone and make things a little less worse for everyone else.

Faction Relations
Such an outlook is bound to rattle some cagers. Get it? Cagers….this is the only thing that brings me joy. Anywho, the absolute opposite of nothing having meaning, is having meaning. Let’s see….that should isolate anyone with strong feelings such as the triune of order: The Fraternity of Order, The Harmonium, and The Mercykillers. The idea that all life has meaning is also at odds with this belief, sorry Believers of the Source, your idea that life can progress is obviously wrong. The Revolutionary League agrees so far that all other factions are wrong, but they expect truth to be found after the upheaval so their relationship is tender at best. The Dustmen also agree that this life has no meaning, who is to say whether or not the next will.

The Bleak cabal will never actively recruit, what would be the point? The basic tenant that life has no meaning alienates those of a lawful alignment, but anyone else who sees the futility in things will be a ok for the madmen.

Benefits of Membership
With the Grim Retreat always a present danger, the Madmen cannot be made mad, therefore chaos, confusion, delude, feeblemind ,Otto’s irresistible dance, and Tasha’s
uncontrollable hideous laughter
do nothing.

Restrictions of Membership
There are times when things get a bit heavy for the Madmen, and on those days they refuse to do anything unless philosophically convinced by another that it would be a worthwhile endeavor.
(At the start of each game day, there is a 10% chance that the basher is overcome by the futility of his or her own beliefs.)

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The Bleak Cabal

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