The Doomguard

The Doomguard/Sinkers

Ever hear of entropy, berk? Take a look around: Everything’s going down the tubes, falling apart, stopping. People die, rocks erode, stars fade, planes melt away. That’s entropy, the fate of the multiverse. A lot of folks think that’s a terrible thing, but not the Doomguard. They’re pretty sure that nothing lasts forever. It’s the way things are supposed to be, they guess – the goal of everything.

Now, the sods who try to fix things – stop the decay and put everything back together – they’ve got it all wrong. They’re fighting the natural goal of the multiverse, trying to do something unnatural. That ain’t right.

Don’t get this faction wrong. It’s not like somebody builds a house and they tear it down. That building’s part of the whole decay: The stonecutter chips the rock, the logger cuts the tree, and later the termites chew the beams until the whole case comes down on its own. There’s a long view to this. The sod who can’t see the grand scheme’ll go barmy trying to tear down everything that gets built.

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The Doomguard

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