The Dustmen

The Dustmen/The Dead

These guys say Life’s a joke, a great trick. Nobody’s alive; in fact, there’s no such thing as Life. Sure, the petitioners are dead compared to the rest of us, but everybody else is dead too – they just don’t know it yet. So what’s the chant? Simple: “All these worlds and all these universes are just shadows of another existence.” This multiverse – this is where beings wind up after they die.

Look, if things were truly alive, would there be such pain and misery in the multiverse? ’Course not! Life is supposed to be about celebration and positive feelings. Existence here is muted, dull, full of pain, and twisted with sorrow. What kind of celebration is that? This existence is a mockery of true life.

The berk who gets restless and rushes things dies a fool, and he’ll probably be forced to go through the whole thing all over again – that’s a real waste of time! Here’s the chant: Respect Death, and don’t ever treat it like a servant.

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The Dustmen

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