The Fated

The Fated/Takers/Heartless/Coldbloods

This faction says the universe belongs to those who can hold it. Each sod makes his own fate, and there’s no one else to blame for it. Those who whine about their luck are just weaklings; if they were meant to succeed, they could have. Here’s the way the multiverse works, according to the Takers: Everybody’s got the potential to be great, but that don’t mean it’s going to happen. Those
that work hard get what they deserve.

There’s no point feeling sorry for the berks who didn’t make good – it was their own fault for being weak. Some softhearted folks call this a cruel philosophy. Well, that’s just an excuse for weakness. Sure, there’s compassion, but a body’s still got to earn it.

Most folks think there’s nothing to the Fated but taking, but the Takers’ll tell a berk there’s a lot more than that. There’s lots of things a being has to earn – respect, for instance. That’s something the Fated believe can’t be taken by force.

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The Fated

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