The Fraternity of Order

Fraternity of Order/Guvners

These folks are sure that everything’s got laws. Mankind’s got laws. Sigil’s got laws. Even the Lower Planes got their laws. Now, once a body’s got the laws down, he does pretty well, right? He knows how to use them to his advantage, and how to break them without getting caught.

If everything’s got laws, then there are laws for the whole birdcage – the planes and all that. And if everything’s got laws, then those laws can be learned. See where this is going? Learn the laws of the planes and learn how to break ‘em, how to use ’em to best advantage. Get to be a real blood, a pro, and a basher’d have real power.

So let all the other berks run around, looking for the meaning of the multiverse. It doesn’t matter what it all means, because that won’t tell a body how it all works. Knowing the operation of things – that’s what’s important. Who cares what it means when a blood can make it do what he wants?

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The Fraternity of Order

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