The Free League

The Free League/Indeps

This ain’t no faction and nobody tells them what to do. The idea that any berk knows the truth and everybody else’s wrong – well, that’s a chance a body shouldn’t take. Who’s right – the Guvners? The Mercykillers? The Chaosmen? Since when does a smart gambler play all his jink on a single throw?

Still, a body’s got to belong to something if he wants to stay alive. The Free League’s kind of an informal group of like-thinkers. They share news, pass around jobs, and watch each other’s backs.
Hey, in a place like the planes, a body can’t be too careful.

Some figure Indeps to be cowards, afraid to play a stake on the truth, but Indeps see themselves as free thinkers, refusing to be shackled to some blind ideology. Truth is, there are some that don’t want to make the choice, for fear of offending one power or another. Then again, there’s plenty of folks seeking to make their own truth – maybe even start themselves a new faction.

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The Free League

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