The Revolutionary League

The Revolutionary League/Anarchists

What are you doing, asking about Anarchists in such a public place? Haven’t you ever heard that the walls in Sigil have ears, eyes, and even mouths? If you want to stay out of the dead-book in this burg of politics and philosophies, you’d better start being a lot more subtle than that!

So you want to know about Anarchy? You’re asking the right mimir here, cutter…I’ve spoken with some of the best-known — or should that be least known — agents of the so-called faction, and gathered some fascinating darks for you. ‘Course, it goes without saying you can’t tell a living soul. Or even an undead one. Otherwise, you may well wake up to find something rather nasty in your bed, courtesy of an irate anarchist.

“These universes, these powers, they’re all corrupt!” screams this faction. “They’re guiding people in the wrong directions, keeping them as slaves and prisoners to the powerful. The old beliefs are lies.” These sods claim that the Guvners, Chaosmen, Mercykillers, Athar – every last one of them – no longer care about the truth. Their factols have all the property, bodyguards, jink, and influence. They’re not looking for the truth; they just want to hang on to what they’ve got.

Well, the Anarchists say it’s time for that to change. It’s time to break free of the chains and seek the real truth. And that’s only going to happen when a body’s free of the bonds of the other factions. A being’s got to be able to make his own choices, but would any faction just let a body go? Think the Harmonium would say, “Sure, we admit we’re wrong. Go find your own way.” Not a chance!

Once the factions all come down, then folks can find the real truth. What’s that truth? No one knows and there’s no way of saying. There ain’t no point in thinking about it even, not until what’s standing now is brought down. Break it all and rebuild with the pieces that’re left; that’s the only plan.

On Sigil The Revolutionary League does not hold any official office nor have any one place they call headquarters. For that matter out of safety most members are unaware as to how many other operatives there are or any names of fellow members that they are not already directly connected with.

Faction Relations
Now you’d think every basher in the cage that fancies himself even a namer might be against the Anarchists; well you’d be deadly wrong. The Chaosmen find the Anarchists to be a might amusing, and The Doomguard ain’t got nothing wrong with letting the Anarchists be the tool that causes destruction. As far as foes go, my jink’s on the Guvners, Hardheads, and Red Death being their big targets. ‘Course it ain’t that easy because but as soon as those berks fall, the normal cager’s going to be running scared and that don’t sit well with the Lady.

The inherent nature of desiring to overthrow other organizations prohibits Lawful characters from joining. Aside from that the League will take all comers that are truly committed to destroying the other factions.

Benefits of Membership
The granted ability of an anarchist is very crucial to their survival as a faction. They have the ability to pose as a member of any other faction without being detected. This ability is for outward appearances only and does not convey the granted power nor additional knowledge regarding the factions’ views. It does, however, allow liberties normally granted to said faction such as access to their headquarters, associated discounts, and (the use most cutters see) the ability to arrest people as though part of the Harmonium.

Restrictions of Membership
The downside of plotting the destruction of some of the oldest institutions of Sigil (and other important planes) is the sheer number of enemies you’ll get. Anyone in the Triumvirate of Order gets wind of your identity and you’ll be up the Styx without a mint.

So the dark of it is: How does a berk get into The League? I’ll tell you how not: Asking around. You spin around rattling your bonebox enough about the Anarchists they might consider you a liability from the start. Be patient cutter, there’s eyes everywhere, let them approach you.

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The Revolutionary League

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