The Sign of One

The Sign of One/Signers

Every person, every individual, is unique. This is the greatest glory of the universe – that each creature living (and dead) is different from all others. It’s obvious, then, that the multiverse centers around the self, or so this faction would have everyone believe. “It’s quite simple, addle-cove,” one of these sods would say. “The world exists because the mind imagines it. Without the self, the multiverse ceases to be.” Therefore, each Signer is the most important person in the multiverse. Without at least one Signer to imagine it all, the rest of the factions would cease to exist.

Better be nice to the Signers then, berk, because they just might decide to imagine a body right out of existence. Don’t think it can be done? Maybe not, but then a basher’s a fool to take the risk. Lots of folks disappear without a trace, and more than a few are enemies of the Signers. Makes a body think, don’t it?

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The Sign of One

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