The Society of Sensation

The Society of Sensation/Sensates

According to these folks, the multiverse is known by the senses – the only proofs of existence. Without experience, without sensation, a thing isn’t. If a sod can’t taste the soup, then it ain’t soup. The only way to know anything for sure is to use the senses.

Look, it ain’t that hard to understand. Which is real, a description of the rose or the rose itself? Only a barmy’d choose the description, which ain’t real. It’s got no smell, no thorns, no color. Picking a rose, that’s real, and the way a body knows is by experiencing it. The senses are the only way to know the universe.

Given that, the multiverse has limits, and a body can try to experience it all. A being’s got to savor the intensity, explore the complexity. Don’t just guzzle the wine – find all the flavors within it. Before a sod’s all done, he’ll learn the difference between Arborean and Ysgardian wine, know them by vintage, and even by the hand of the vinter. Only then do the secrets of the multiverse start to make themselves clear.

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The Society of Sensation

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