This is the homepage for Hoebagger’s evil campaign set in Sigil. Please take a look around and if you’re a member of the group feel free to add whatever you’d like. Thanks!

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Expect my character Hoebagger to put his two cents in at every opportunity as well.

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Update Log
V .75 5/18/11: I’ve had some time off lately and been able to work on this to get it ready for the second time running the game with a new audience. The Factions have been updated (mostly) and I’ve reorganized the achievement section into easily accessed links along with one big printable list. Nearly ready for the site to be official.
V.25 2/21/11: Finished first adventure log.
Changed Update Log to go in the order of most recent updates first.
Added Hoebagger’s input to the bottom of a few pages.
2/20/11: Added characters
Started log of new game
Rearranged home page to include both the quotes section the factions page.
2/17-1/18: Continued working on the adventure log section.
2/16/11: Added Update Log.
2/15/11: Created first half of Adventure Log and began adding Players.
Expanded on Anarchists.
2/12- 2/14: Added Pages in the Wiki section, created the factions page and wrote minimal info.
v.01 2/10/11: Added framework for everything and got quite excited about the website.

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